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Diplomatic winter fair


Main tasks for 2012.

I - Planning the work:

1. Implement Plan - Projects of the Association with priority given to key activities:
- Scholarships
- Summer/Winter holidays
- Psychosocial rehabilitation
- Financial support

2. Implement plans of staff:
- Personal plans
- Plans of the Association in general
- Special Plans - Projects

II - Organization of work:

1. Organize the work of the Steering Board, Supervisory Board and staff of the Association.

III - Human Resources Management:

1. Implement decisions and resolutions of the Steering Board and the Supervisory Board of the Association
2. Implement the decisions, opinions and guidance of the Executive Director of the Association
3. Recruit volunteers for a planned - project activities of the Association.

IV – Coordination:

1. Coordinate the work of parliamentary bodies, the working staff, volunteers and working groups.

V – Analysis:

1. Monthly analysis of main tasks and plans - projects of the Association.
2. Conclusions from the analysis used to improve planning.

VI - Information-reporting:

1. Inform the Steering Board and the Supervisory Board on the implementation of plans and projects, in particular, the financial operations.
2. Inform the Executive Director on implementation of personal plans and special plans - projects.
3. Inform the public about the activities of the Association.
4. Report to donors on implementation of commitments and the use of donor funds.

VII – Control

1. React to the alternatives in the implementation of Main tasks and plan - projects of the Association.